Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Rising Stars Foundation has funded and awarded college scholarships to exceptional students, worked with the Girl Scouts to empower our next generation of women leaders, and brought Montessori philosophy and learning to countless homeschool students and students with special needs with its math and language arts curricula.

We and the beneficiaries of our work appreciate the dedication and support of our volunteers, donors, board, advisors, and many friends…

Board / President’s Advisory Council

  • Marty Donner
  • Alexis Goncalves
  • Scott McOwen
  • Rohini Parikh
  • Larry Shiller

Staff and Volunteers

  • Amy Bassan
  • Semaj Bell
  • Hannah Emerson
  • Steve Eno
  • Chad Greiter
  • Matthew Guhit
  • Matt Harrison
  • Betty Holloway
  • Stephen Judd
  • Michael Kovalyk
  • Vanessa Maco
  • Daniela Marques
  • Gavin Miller
  • Ryan Napue
  • Shipra Parik
  • Prakeet Patil
  • Olivia Rasner
  • Theresa Robbins
  • Aravind Sasidharan
  • Al Vazquez
  • Stephen Young
  • Luo Zhejing