College admissions FAQs

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  • Why should a Director of Admissions care about a student’s Gritter Profile? DAs use the Gritter Profile to admit students that will earn a degree in the desired time frame, enhance the college’s reputation after graduation, and contribute back to the school in time and/or money – and to avoid admitting students that won’t do those things.
  • By examining a student’s Gritter Profile, a college can measure each student against several dimensions heretofore unavailable, including values (which does a student value more: getting a correct answer or understanding the material?; does a student believe he or she has fixed talent or can achieve any desired goal) and abilities (does a student have the ability to work through mistakes and the emotional pain that often accompanies that)?
  • What is a Gritter Profile? The Gritter Profile contains KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), charts, gauges, sliders, and tables that provide college admissions officers with the information to determine whether or not that student is a fit – and how that student compares to other applicants and the student population at large.
  • How do I get a Gritter login for my admissions department? All requests for Gritter logins must come from a college email address and must be individually approved to ensure access only by authorized and appropriate personnel. Request an admissions Gritter login at t
  • How do I access the Gritter Profile? After logging in, enter the Gritter Code into the text box. The dashboard will automatically reflect that student’s data.
  • How do I compare Gritter Profiles of many students? Upload their Gritter Codes. There is no limit to how many you may upload.
  • How do I get more help analyzing Gritter Profiles? Professional services are available. After logging in click the Contact Us button to request help. We offer professional services to help colleges fully leverage Gritter Profile customization and analysis.
  • What is the cost to the college? The basic service, which includes a login and access to the Gritter database carries no charge. Professional services for training and customized profile analysis are paid services, as are access to the Student Admissions Service. Contact us for more details at 203-451-6676 or