Job Seeker FAQs


  • What are prerequisites? None. This isn’t about what you know.
  • How do I sign up? Your prospective employer will provide you with a username and password.
  • Is there a cost? No. Your employer has it covered.
  • How much time should I spend building my Gritter Profile and over what time period? The recommended time is 4 days for at least 15 minutes per day. More is better for two main reasons:
    1. In general, the more time you spend the more information the college has to make an excellent decision.
    2. Just by virtue of building your profile you become more of a Gritter. The more questions you answer, the grittier you become.
  • How many questions should I answer? As you progress you become increasingly aware of how you think and respond to common situations – and how alternative ways of thinking and responding may be beneficial. The more questions you answer, the more grit you develop – and the more trending a prospective employer has to make the best possible decision.
  • Is it OK to ask others for help? In a word, yes. The Gritter Profile – like the world – is open book. Being able to ask for and assimilate help is a critical ability that the Gritter Profile measures.
  • Does the Gritter Profile measure knowledge? No. It doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know. What’s really important is your desire to know and your ability to learn and work through negative emotions such as boredom, frustration, and confusion. The journey is the reward and the Gritter Profile measures not what you’ve learned but the potential of learning and excelling in your work according to your values and abilities.
  • What are bad things to do when building a Gritter Profile? The app will tell you when you do these things so you can avoid continuing to do them:
    • Curse
    • Guess without thinking
    • Not read the hint when you don’t know something
    • Not ask for help when you don’t know something
    • Not look at the history of your answers to refresh your memory
    • Give up when you’re BFC (bored, frustrated or confused) or let these and other negative emotions get in your way
    • Let mistakes slow you down instead of letting them point the way to identifying and fixing weaknesses
  • What are really bad things to do? (this will get you kicked out of the app)
    • Attempt to reverse engineer it
    • Attempt to change it or do a DOS attack
  • How do I get my Gritter Profile? The Dashboard shows your grit ability and value measures.
  • How do I submit my Gritter Profile to the employer? Your employer automatically gets your Gritter Profile; there’s nothing you need to do.