Parent/Counselor FAQs

  • Father Helping Daughter With CoatHow will the Gritter Profile help my client/child get into a good college? Students who gets Cs and Ds in high school and score low on the SATs may in fact be gritters who are pursuing interests other than math or English. College admissions may now identify these students through their Gritter Profiles.
  • Why should my client/child build a Gritter Profile? Building a Gritter Profile differentiates him or her from the rest of the crowd and provides a college with many additional data points that could work in your child’s favor when colleges make their admission decisions.
  • How can I find out if the colleges my child is applying to use the Gritter Profile? We recommend that you contact the admissions department and ask them. In any event you should include the Gritter Code in each application.
  • What is the cost? A one-time payment of $79.95 covers the lifetime of the student.
  • Is financial support available if my client/child cannot afford the fee? Yes: Contact the Rising Stars Foundation at
  • How does a student sign up? Go to
  • How does a student report his or her results? Just provide the Gritter Code on the college admission.
  • The Gritter Profile uses a lot of math questions but my child isn’t good at math. Doesn’t that put him at a disadvantage? No. The Gritter Profile does not care if a student gets a wrong answer. What is being measured is the student’s ability to learn something new and that student’s willingness to use that ability.