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ShillerLearning, part of the non-profit 501(c)(3) Rising Stars Foundation, has been providing award-winning, Montessori-based, Open’N’Go math and language arts curriculum to thousands of homeschool families since 2002. Plymouth Meeting, PA (July 23, 2020) – Homeschooling has been an increasingly popular choice for US families over the last 20 years, with 2.5% of school age children being educated at home. School research organizations estimate that this number may double in the fall due to the pandemic.

Providing their children with a high-quality education is an increasingly elusive goal for non-homeschooling parents as traditional schools struggle to provide a safe environment, which is why many of those parents are now choosing, for the first time, to homeschool. But these parents face significant questions and issues: How do I teach? What curricula do I use? How do I keep my child(ren) occupied in a good way?

To address these concerns, ShillerLearning, is providing its Fractions curriculum, a $69.95 value, including support by phone and email, at no charge to first-time homeschoolers. According to Rising Stars Foundation board member Alexis Goncalves, “First-time homeschoolers are about to embark on an initially scary but ultimately highly rewarding journey. Our $2.5 million donation is really an investment in our country’s future leaders.”

Shiller says, “At ShillerLearning we seek to de-stress that journey with scripted lessons that follow Montessori principles and with individual phone and email support, providing parents and
children with a joyful and effective path to learning.“No experience or knowledge of Montessori is required because the scripted lessons provide the required direction. The curriculum’s design allows for children to accelerate their learning at their own pace by addressing each of the learning styles: visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic.”

Shiller adds, “Rising Stars Foundation’s $2.5 million donation to homeschoolers provides an excellent alternative for parents to provide a safe, high-quality education for their children, knowing that so many homeschoolers have forged a proven path to follow. We chose to partner with Homeschool Buyers Co-op because of our shared agenda to serve and support homeschoolers. The Co-op provides a wide selection of curricula and free resources to aid
homeschoolers.” The free Fractions curriculum is available to members of the Co-op, our exclusive partner for the $2.5 million donation. Membership is free and offers several additional benefits for both first-time and experienced homeschoolers. New members may join at

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ShillerLearning is part of the IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit Rising Stars Foundation, EIN 26-0412156.

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